Sonics Podcasts
Sonics Podcasts
Sonics Podcasts is a podcast studio by Alex Kontis specialising in editing and production

Sonics Podcasts provides podcast editing and production services to businesses, publications, and anyone looking to tell a story through sound

Podcast Editing & Production

Do you love recording and interviewing but hate editing?

Editing is one of the most important and overlooked parts of the podcasting process and a well crafted edit, with well mixed audio, can make the difference between a good episode and a memorable one.

All you have to do is record and I'll do the rest

Simple pricing for a straightforward service

  • £350 month

  • £85 per individual episode

  • Get in touch for a custom quote based on your podcast


About Alex

Alex Kontis podcast editor

Hey there! I'm Alex Kontis and I run Sonics Podcasts to help anyone tell their story through audio.

I love listening to podcasts and I even enjoy editing them too! 

I'm usually the person that starts a conversation with "So I was listening to this podcast..." or "Yeah I heard about that on a podcast."

I've had the pleasure of working with global broadcast companies, Silicon Valley startups, and independent business owners alike and I hope we can work together too to make your podcast sound fantastic and reach listeners.

I love hearing from podcasters so please don't hesitate to email


Who I've Worked With

I've had the pleasure of working on a diverse range of podcasts by creative business owners, Silicon Valley startups, and solo entrepreneurs alike.