Recording 🔴

Podcast recording

A high-quality recording is as much a product of the environment in which you record as it is the equipment you use.

For starters here are some quick tips to ensure that your recording can be the best it can be.

  1. One microphone per person — no sharing 🗣🎙

  2. Use headphones, though earphones are fine too 🎧

  3. Record in a quiet space, away from any potential noise 🔇

Let’s break down why these are important to your podcast recording.

Firstly, sharing of microphones is a big no-n0. Sticking a microphone between two (or worse, more) people cannot guarantee that both voices will be recorded equally, and it will also increase the excess sound of the environment. Obviously, you’re now fully versed in microphone theory and, specifically, polar patterns to understand why.

Secondly, headphones are essential, and consider them a non-negotiable if you’re conducting interiews over the phone or Skype or similar. Remember, if you can hear your guest from the speakers, then so can your microphone.

This leads in to the last point. Any noise can potentially be picked up by your microphone too. Radio studios are sound proofed rooms that dampen reverb and prevent external sound from entering, and while this isn’t always practical at home, you can still control some of the conditions by closing any windows and keeping as far away other sound sources as possible.

Recording isn’t an exact science. It can take plenty of trial-and-error, and can be ruined by the most unforseen of circumstances. The key is to be as prepared as possible with everything you might need, even if you don’t end up using everything.

However, much like a scientific experiment, keeping the environment as controlled as possible can yield the best results possible.