How a Podcast Fits into Your Content Marketing

Podcast content marketing

At this point it should go without saying that podcasts are on the up and up right now. From fiction, to journalism, to comedy, podcasts have become a rediscovered medium in recent years with an ever growing audience welcoming new shows with open ears.

But it’s not just the podcast networks or media organisations that are benefiting from this podcasting boom. It’s also companies that have found audio to be a viable content medium to sit alongside their blogs and social media channels.

Much in the same way that a company blog is a great way to showcase expertise, market a product, or highlight success stories, a podcast can do all of these in such a way that can’t fully be expressed through written or visual content online.

Such is the nature of audio that it inherently conveys authenticity and intimacy that can’t be replicated in a highly-refined blog post or tweet, and this will always be your podcast’s superpower and why it is so valuable as a content form.

Take Buffer, for example, and their show The Science of Social Media. The company already has a blog that is one of the go-to resources on social media, and their social channels are full of original content, interactions, and behind-the-scenes at the company.

What the podcast does, that other formats can’t, is to get deep in the weeds with influencers, social media managers, and marketers to discuss their respective perspectives and experiences that wouldn’t be possible to convey fully through a written interview on a blog.

Sure Buffer could have transcribed the highlights and best quotes but it would have detracted from what only audio can offer; the chance to hear the nuance in language and infer meaning from tone, which is what creates the intimacy of listening in on a conversation.

Branded podcasts are another avenue being explored by businesses, and while these are usually backed by companies with deeper pockets than most, it highlights a growing trend that sees podcasts as a great way to build awareness around a brand.

Take Gimlet Creative, the branch of the excellent Gimlet Media that handles branded content. Their first branded show, Open For Business, in partnership with eBay wasn’t about selling old junk, but about how to build a business and what it takes along the way.

Their most recent venture is with Tinder, the popular dating app, with the show focusing on the nature relationships in our digital age.

Gimlet Creative shows  DTR  and  Op en for Business

Gimlet Creative shows DTR and Open for Business

Both of these shows are not about the businesses they’re in conjunction with or their products, but around the everyday, human stories that surround the cultures that have been created by them. This ultimately will improve not only the brand awareness, for the company, but also the relationships that potential customers would have with their products.

There are many more podcasts that are either run by companies or are branded shows. What they all have in common is an understanding that podcasts are a content form that allows for an entirely different, and often new, relationship with customers or clients that can’t be created through other mediums.

If you’re exploring starting a podcast, think about what it can be and do that can’t be done on a blog or through social media.

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