40 Free Audio Resources to Help Make Your Podcast Sound Great

Podcast resources

There’s a wealth of information online about how to podcast. From independent to producers to global radio companies, the sharing of knowledge has undoubtedly helped many get started on their podcasting journey.

With so many different things to consider when it comes to podcasting from recording, to how to mix, where to host a show, it can be overwhelming knowing where to start.

Here to help is a list of resources that you can bookmark and come back to when you get stuck and need a little direction or inspiration.


Knowing which microphone to use can be a stalling point in starting a podcast. Knowing some basics like the different types of microphones can set you on the right path to choosing the right one and finding one for your budget.


Recording is more than just pressing the red button — it’s about making sure that you capture audio of highest possible quality so your show sounds great when it’s distributed.


Garageband and Audacity are two robust and capable free options for recording, editing, and mixing podcasts.


Taking your raw audio and turning it into a final episode can be challenging and time consuming if you’re not well practiced. Get a jump on this by learning some basics before you dive into crafting your show.


One of the final steps in show production is mixing. This is making sure that voices are clear, music isn’t too overpowering, and that everything that needs to be heard is heard.

Audio Quality

Check out these articles for some extra tips and tricks on improving the overall quality of your audio.

Things can get a little nerdy but knowing some audio theory can make you a better recorder, editor, and mixer.

Podcast Hosting

There are a number of different services that offer podcast hosting, each with a breadth and depth of features depending on price.

This is one of the most important steps in podcasting as this is where your show lives and is read from by directories and subscribers.

Podcast Directories

This is where people will find and subscribe to your show. The directories listed here will cover the vast majority of podcast listeners.

Advice from Podcasters and Producers

Reading advice from the pros can put your mind at ease if everything feels a bit overwhelming and learning how they do it can only help you as you continue to learn.

This is by no means a definitive list but I hope it goes some way to helping you with your podcast.