The Best Podcast Microphones for Beginners


The most important part of your podcasting arsenal is the microphone. Without it you're grounded before you can even take off.

There are many different types of microphone but to save you from having to know too much about microphone theory here are some highly recommended microphones perfect for podcasting, for beginners and pros alike, without completely breaking the bank.

Blue Snowball iCE

If you’re looking for a microphone that can do one thing, and one thing well, then this may be what you’re looking for. At less than half the price of the popular Blue Yeti microphone, the Snowall iCE is a fantastic first microphone because of its simple set of features that make it able to only record audio from a single direction - perfect for podcasting voices. For more features you could spring for the Blue Snowball (£69.99/$69) but if that's not important to you then go with the Snowball iCE.


£54.99 | $49.00

Key Features

  • USB output
  • Front-facing (cardioid) pickup pattern

Audio Technica ATR2100-USB

If it's good enough for Jason Snell of The Incomparable and numerous RelayFM shows, then it's definitely good enough for you. At $60, it's a versatile microphone due that you can either plug straight into your computer via USB or if you have an audio interface it offers an XLR output too. Where the cost will increase is that you'll need to get a pop filter (to reduce wind noises from 'p' and 'b' sounds) and a stand to keep it in place. These can be bought cheaply but it's still extra expenditure that you may not want on top of the microphone cost.



Key Features

  • USB and XLR outputs
  • Front facing (cardioid) pickup pattern

Samson Meteor USB

One of the great things about the Samson Meteor is its portability for the package that it comes in. Along with being a USB connected microphone there’s also a built in headphone output to make it easy to monitor your voice when recording.


£46.95 | $59.99

Key Features

  • USB and headphone outputs
  • Built-in kick stand

Samson Q2U

This is very similar to the Audio Technica ATR2100 from above in that it’s a handheld dynamic microphone, that features both USB and XLR output, and a headphone monitoring port. What might sway you for this model is the bundled stand and cabling, both USB and XLR, to make getting started with your podcast even easier and faster.


£59.99 | $54.99


  • USB and XLR outputs
  • Includes table stand, USB, and XLR cables


These are just 4 of the many microphones that are available and well suited to podcasting.

Remember, the best microphone is the one that suits your needs best so knowing how you’ll be recording will help inform your decision about which microphone to buy.

If you want to learn more about microphones then check out the piece linked below for a more technical breakdown about the ways microphones can vary and differ.

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