Comparing Podcast Call Recorders

Podcast Call Recorders

Chances are you've listened to an interview or discussion podcast at some point recently. Now it may be a shocker to realise that they're not always recorded in the same location. I know, surprising, right?

Obviously, it's best to try and record everyone in the same location but when you can't you need to be able to make it sound as though you did.

If your guest doesn't have access to a microphone to record themselves on their end, then these call recorders are exactly what's needed.

Ecamm Call Recorder setting within Skype

Ecamm Call Recorder setting within Skype

Price: $29.95

Platform: Mac

There's a really high probability that your guest has Skype installed on their computer, such is the ubiquitousness of Skype. This therefore makes it one of the most efficient ways to conduct a remote interview with your guest.

Ecamm's Call Recorder for Skype is a small add-on that allows you to record at any point in a Skype call with no interference to the call itself. All the settings live within Skype's preferences so you don't have to manage an extra application.

The major downside is that it's only for Mac users, and if you did want to record with FaceTime, then the company offers a separate application that you would have to purchase too.

A handy feature is that your recording you get can be split into separate voices which is ideal if you're recording with a microphone but you need to rely on Call Recorder for your guest's part.



Price: Free (limited) | $20/month (unlimited)

Platform: Web

One of Zencastr's biggest selling points is that it's entirely based in your web browser. There's no need to download any extra plugins or software.

Being a browser based system means that all you have to do is send your guests or co-hosts (up to 2 on the free tier) a link and then start recording. Your files are ready to go at the end of the call, each voice separated, and they can even be uploaded straight to your Dropbox account too, all up to 8 hours per month.

At the Professional, $20 per month tier, you get unlimited guests, recording, and audio post-production options that are paid add-ons in the free Hobbyist tier.

Currently it's only supported in Chrome and Firefox, though you'd hope that with the inclusion of WebRTC coming to Safari the likelihood that it'll be supported is higher. If you regularly conduct interviews or co-host a show then Zencastr may be a great option for you.



Price: $10/month | $30/month

Platform: Web

Cast offers similar features to Zencastr but with a lot more beyond just call recording, including editing and podcast hosting. This might be perfect for you if you want to do all your recording, editing, and publishing from one place.

At $10 a month you get 10 hours of recording per month with unlimited editing and hosting which can be a lot cheaper than you'd pay for just hosting elsewhere.

The $30 per month tier offers exactly the same plus 100 hours of recording and multiple RSS feeds, perfect for if you want to run multiple podcasts.


Price: $7.99/month | $18.99/month

Platform: Web, iOS, Android

Ringr offers a robust feature set at both of its price points. At $7.99 a month you get unlimited recordings and storage, while the $18.99 a month gets you track-splitting and other power features too.

The mobile app is Ringr's defining feature so you'd still be able to record even when you're on the go too.


Here's where to select your microphone or audio interface

Here's where to select your microphone or audio interface

Price: Free

Platform: Mac

A little known use of QuickTime is that it can record incoming audio as well as being an all purpose media player.

To make an audio recording select 'File->New Audio Recording' and then choose the audio source from the drop down menu next to the big, red record button. This is ideal if you want to record your own voice or a guest's too.

Have you had any success with any of these call recorders? Let me know of your experiences in the comments and if there are any others missed off the list too.