Getting Your Podcast on Spotify Today

Podcast Spotify

Spotify has just opened the doors to any and all podcasters being accepted onto their platform with an all new submission process.

If you wanted to get your podcast on Spotify before October 2018 then you needed to be using a hosting service that partnered with Spotify. This is something that I’d outlined back in February 2018 and typically involved asking your hosting service to take your feed url and submit to Spotify on your behalf.

Now the process is much, much simpler and gives you control over its submission.

  1. Head to

  2. Log in with your Spotify account, or set one up if you don’t have one yet, and click the Get Startedbutton

  3. Here you’ll be presented with terms and conditions where you’ll need to agree and enter your name

  4. The next step is to enter your feed url and additional information about your podcast

  5. Review and submit!

The good thing about this new process is that your podcast will be available almost immediately and isn’t subject to a review period—like Apple Podcasts—meaning you’ll be able to direct your audience to Spotify almost immediately as well.

If you use Instagram to promote your podcast then you might also want to use this neat integration between Spotify and Instagram that allows you to share your podcast from Spotify directly to your Instagram Stories.