The Quickest and Easiest Way to Record Audio on a Mac

Recording Audio in QuickTime

If you’re a Mac user and ever find yourself in need of recording an audio file then there’s an incredibly quick way to do so.

QuickTime is a media player that’s pre-installed on all Macs and it has an audio recording function that can come in handy.

Here’s how to record audio with QuickTime.

  • Open QuickTime

  • Navigate to File -> New Audio Recording or use the keyboard shortcut ctrl (⌃), alt (⌥), cmd(⌘) + N

  • When you see this, click the arrow next to the record button

QuickTime Audio Recording
  • Select your microphone and set the recording quality

QuickTime Audio Recording
  • Hit record!

  • Save your audio once you’ve finished by going to File -> Save or ⌘ + S.

The benefit of using QuickTime is that there’s no need to download any extra software since it’s preinstalled and therefore doesn’t cost you a penny.

Once you’ve finished recording you may have to convert the audio file but most editing software should do this for you automatically when you come it use it.