How to Get Your Podcast on Spotify

How to get your podcast on Spotify

Spotify is the biggest player in the music streaming game with 70 million paying subscribers using the service as of January 2018 which perhaps makes it best placed to challenge Apple as the dominant destination for podcast listeners.

It’s little wonder then that podcasters want to make sure that their shows are available on the platform and reach an even wider audience.

Since Spotify has been very slow and deliberate at rolling out podcasts on their service the process for submitting has been a little shrouded in mystery until recently.

Fortunately the veil is starting to lift and here are some ways you can get your show available on Spotify sooner—here’s what you need to know

The first indication that Spotify is accepting submissions for podcasts is from this submission form. It’s open to register your interest with Spotify and, as it says;

...does not mean that your podcast will be made available on Spotify. As and when we are able to add your podcast we'll let you know.

Judging from the information on the first page of this form, perhaps the best way to get your podcast on Spotify is to be hosted on one of the services listed.

Here’s a comparison of hosting services

If your show is hosted on one the services listed on the form then just follow the instruction provided by your particular host.

Spotify seems to want to partner with hosting services to make more podcasts available so check with your host if they have plans to partner. Omny, for example, announced a partnership but there is no public information about how to submit shows hosted via their service.


This list isn’t definitive and so far they are the only hosts with public information abouthowto get a show on Spotify.

Libsyn also outlines what types of shows Spotify are looking for;

  • That appeal to millenials

  • That it’s evergreen content

  • That it’s tech oriented

  • That it’s storytelling

The bottom line here is that Spotify is having the final say about what is available in its podcast directory and while the process may be slow for podcasters trying to reach new listeners, it seems that Spotify is heading in the direction of being a big player in the podcast space.