How to Submit Your Podcast to Stitcher


Stitcher is one of the most popular podcast players on Android and is drawing audiences with its premium offering by signing exclusive content deals with companies like Marvel.

Getting your podcast on Stitcher is a simple and straightforward process that involves signing up as a Content Provider, also known as a Partner.

  1. Create a Content Provider profile here
  2. Once you’re logged in to your newly created account click the “Add Show” button
  3. Add your RSS feed and show details and submit
  4. Wait for approval

That’s it!


Stitcher offers its own analytics portal within your account which can be great for seeing how many listeners each episode is getting on the platform.

Stitcher isn’t the only place to submit your podcast. It’s one of the main directories along with these four listed below so make sure your podcast is available on these platforms too to reach a wider audience.