What are Podcast Music Loops? + Free Music Downloads 🎶

Podcast music loops

If you're one of the wonderful people that signs up to the Sonics monthly newsletter then you'll (hopefully!) have downloaded a pack of royalty-free music loops and you’ll continue to receive more each month.

Right now you might be thinking

What are "music loops"? 🤔

Well before I answer that, I want to take a quick second to talk about music more broadly.

Music is the best. It can lift our emotions, change our feelings, or transport us to a moment in time and I’m sure you have plenty of favourite songs, each for different reasons.

Now, we all have our own emotional responses to music and they can be traced to a number of specific music theory points like the time signature, the tempo, or harmonies and chord progressions.

The thing is though, you don’t really need to know the ins and outs of music theory to pick effective music for your podcast. You just need to know how you feel from listening to the music.

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when it comes to finding music for your podcast is to keep in mind how you want your listeners to feel when they’re listening to it. This will be the best guide to you selecting the music for your podcast.

That’s nice, Alex but what are music loops?

Okay, okay. The music loops that come with the monthly newsletter are short pieces of music—usually around 1:30—that can be broken down into smaller sections.

Think of music loops like pieces of musical Lego that you can use to build something new.

Here’s an example. This piece is called Arms and is included in the pack you can download when your first sign up to the newsletter.

This is the version you download

and here’s a newly constructed version

and here’s another version.

Hopefully you could hear the differences between the three even though they’re all built with the same blocks. What’s more is that the differences in structure also create a different mood to each.

The truth is that in the end it doesn’t matter what music you pick for your podcast. The instruments or the tempo don’t matter as long as the music is serving its purpose for your podcast—and you get to define what that is for yourself.

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