What’s the ‘Why’ of Your Podcast?


This might not be a question that you think of too often when you’re busy recording, editing, booking guests, and promoting your podcast. But, those steps I just outlined, your answer can be your guide to how you approach them.

If someone were to ask you “why does your podcast exist?” how would you answer them?

If you’re clear about why you’re putting the hours of time and effort into creating a podcast then so too will your audience who will value the time they take to listen to each and every episode.

Take my wife’s podcast, Make It Happen, as an example. Its purpose is to humanise her as a business owner and to hold space for the conversations and beliefs she has of how a creative business and life can be run which, in turn, attracts potential clients to work with her. This was the show’s purpose from day one, and hasn’t changed over the three years that it’s been going.

Now, even though it has the numbers to attract sponsors, the show has never been directly monetised. That’s because Jen is clear on the show’s purpose and so any adverts in the show would run counter to that and in opposition to her business brand of integrity. This is just one example where having a clearly defined 'why' helps to make a decision about the form of the show.


My advice is to take some time, it doesn't have to be long, to write down why you're putting the time and effort into creating a podcast.

Maybe you want to connect with others in your field, maybe it's because you see a gap in your field that you want to fill, or maybe you want to deepen your connection with your audience. Whatever it is, keep this answer at the forefront of your mind when making your next episode because having a 'why' will guide you at almost every decision point in your podcast's life.

I'd also love to hear about why you podcast! Feel free to comment below and let me know.

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