What Is Your Podcast's First Impression


We’ve just crossed into a new year and no doubt there will be a lot of new podcasts born from new year resolutions—I’m even working with clients right now to help launch their podcasts this year as well!

Even if you’re not launching a podcast this year there’s still something that I believe is important to keep in mind whenever you’re making a podcast

“What impression am I giving a new listener?”

In other words if this is the first episode someone has ever heard of your podcast then what are you doing to get them to subscribe and listen to past and future episodes?

There are a lot of points along the journey from first coming across your podcast to subscribing but these are just a few to consider.


You know not to judge a book by its cover and the same can be said of a podcast but that doesn’t stop us doing it. 

There are a couple of hard and fast rules when it comes to podcast artwork such as the image being 3000x3000px in size and making sure that it passes the distinguishable-on-a-phone-screen test. In other words, is it readable at a small size.

Audio Quality

This is something that I’ve written about in the past in greater length but the crux of my point is that if you take your recording and audio quality seriously then it’s a signal to the listener that you take your podcast seriously and that so should they too.

We’ve all listened to those episodes where someone has recorded in an echoey room or where the host is much louder than the guest and it becomes off-putting and sours the impression of the podcast as a whole even if the content itself was valuable.

Ratings & Reviews

Always take ratings and reviews with a grain of salt because they’re usually made up of the extreme ends of the review spectrum—glowing or scathing. That said it’s important to take them into consideration because it shows that the podcast has caused such a reaction in an individual that it drove them to take the time to write their review, whether it’s a positive or negative one.

Each of these on their own isn’t necessarily going to be a deal breaker—though I wouldn’t rule it out completely!—but take them all together and if they’re all of the highest standard you can achieve, then chances are you’ll have gained some new listeners.

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