Are You Thinking of the First-Timer Listeners?

In last month’s newsletter I wrote about making a good first impression with your podcast. You’re putting the time and effort into making it so you’ll want listeners to subscribe and stick around to hear what you’re putting out into the world.

Hopefully you have an audience of regular listeners that love what you do and are already subscribed so that they don’t miss an episode. Maybe you’re taking the feedback there giving and acting on that for future episodes as well. 

But not everyone that listens to your latest episode will be a subscriber or a regular listener to your podcast. They might have come across it in any number of different ways from it being shared in their Instagram feed, stumbling across it in a search, or finding it in their podcast app of choice.

Ask yourself, is your podcast going to make sense to a first time listener and help them know that listening is worth their time?

This came up with a client recently who had some technical difficulties with a guest recording. She asked me if it was worth adding a note in the introduction to explain this. I said it was a great idea because it lets listeners know that you a) strive for a high standard of clarity in your audio, and b) it’s a signal to new listeners that it’s not always like this but the content is still worth their time.

Maybe this is something you can do in your podcast if it’s needed. Maybe you can include a brief tagline or description at the beginning of your episode to describe the podcast to new listeners. Perhaps even a “hey if you’re new here” section to capture and convert them into subscribers. 

Regular subscribers might skip over it or be used to it but, if it’s someone’s first time listening to your podcast, it’s the first impression you’ll give and, as the saying goes, you only get one chance at that.

What I want you to take away here is to put yourself in the shoes of someone that listens to your show for the first time. Join those answers with last month’s ideas around making a good first impression and you should be on your way to growing and retaining your listenership.

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