How Do You Measure Success?

This week I had a client concerned that she was putting time and effort into making her podcast but wasn’t seeing a return on it. She acknowledged that it was still early in her podcasting journey—5 episodes in to be exact—but wasn’t sure how to measure it.

I agreed with her that 5 episodes is not a lot to judge a podcast by but to take heart that each episode had more downloads than the one before - one sign of growth.

While numbers are definitely one way to measure a podcast they’re not the only way. 

Success with your podcast is however you define it. It’s a yardstick that you get to set and define the parameters of.

In the case of my client she wants to get traffic to her website with an ultimate goal of having them invest in her services or products. With this in mind we tweaked a couple of things like making sure that there was an obvious link to her website in the show notes and made sure to prominently mention her website in the intro and outro in a way that didn’t feel too self-aggrandising or forceful for the listener.

This ties into something I wrote about last year about why does your podcast exists

Maybe you want your podcast to help connect you to members of your community or to position yourself as an expert in your field.

Setting yourself a goal gives you something to work towards. Once you have that goal defined you’ll be able to take actionable steps to help you achieve that goal rather than continuing through the motions.

There’s no single right way to make a podcast but there’s plenty of ways to measure it wrongly if you don’t have your own definition of success for it.

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