Upcoming Updates to Apple Podcasts in iOS 13 and MacOS 10.15 Catalina

On Monday June 3rd of this year Apple unveiled the forthcoming software updates to its many platforms, including MacOS, iOS, and its new spin-off called iPadOS.

Since Apple Podcasts is still the dominant platform for listening to and subscribing to podcasts these new developments are bound to play a part in shaping the field moving forward.

Here are a few of the upcoming features of note.

A standalone MacOS app

Since podcasts were first introduced to the Mac they’ve always lived within the iTunes app. This is why you still might hear podcasts ask for ratings and reviews in iTunes despite the recent rebrand to Apple Podcasts. But no longer. Apple announced the split of iTunes into three separate apps; Music, TV, and Podcasts. This means that there is now a standalone Podcasts app installed on all Mac computers

New search tools

According to Apple’s own press release the new MacOS app has

…advanced search tools that can find episodes by host, guest or even discussion topic. It was demonstrated during the keynote that listeners will be able to search for a term and results will appear based not just on the titles and show notes but also on transcribed audio too

This is another reason to make sure your audio is clear and well recorded so that it’s able to be transcribed and searched.

New categories

Remember when you first set up your podcast and your hosting service asked you to choose up to three different categories that your podcast would fit in to? Well you might need to review them in the coming months. There are three potential changes here; new categories, renamed categories, and discontinued categories. For example, True Crime will become a new top-level category, Management & Marketing has been split into two separate categories, and Podcasting has been removed as a category for some bizarre reason. It’s not hard to feel attacked by that one. For a side-by-side comparison of the new and soon-to-be retired categories, head here.

What features are you most excited for in the upcoming updates?

Alex Kontis