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Here are your free podcast music loops



So what exactly are "music loops"?

They're short pieces of music—less than 1:30 each—that can be easily cut into smaller sections and assembled into longer pieces.

Sounds good. But how can I use them in my podcast?

Literally in any way that you can imagine but these are some common ways to use music in podcasts;

  • Theme music
  • Underneath an intro or outro read
  • Ad music

But you can use them at any point in a podcast.

Got any examples?

Yep! I used the track Space in the intro and outro of this episode of my podcast Hollywood Science

What's the audio quality of these sounds and which format are they in?

All the files are stereo MP3s at 320kbps so they're high quality without being

Do I need a license or to give credit?

Nope! Although credit would certainly be appreciated.

You're free to use, reuse, remix, mix, edit, and play with these sounds however you wish. However please don't sell, republish, repackage, or redistribute the sounds as individual files or bundles, or claim credit for creating them.

I used one of these in my podcast - want to listen?

Absolutely! Email or tweet me a link.

Will there be any more?

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